Solid Waste Tarps

Auto-Tarper Replacement Tarps

Premium OEM and custom replacement tarps for most automated tarping systems used in the waste collection industry for roll-off trucks. The Auto-R tarp is our universal tarp which fits most systems with arms.

tarpARMOR Mesh

  • tarpARMOR Mesh is the toughest mesh used in the solid waste industry
  • tarpARMOR Mesh outlasts most auto tarp replacements 3-1
  • tarpARMOR Mesh is strong enough that no reinforcement is needed
  • Popular styles are in stock & ready to ship same day

Hand Tarps

tarpARMOR hand tarps are widely used in the waste collection industry. High quality mesh or vinyl tarps specifically designed to cover transfer trailers, open top roll-off containers and compactor containers. We stock many standard sizes or we can custom fabricate any size!

Roll Over Systems for Transfer Trailers

Designed primarily for open top trailers hauling garbage, demolition, grain, or wood chips. Create a custom tarp from our large inventory of vinyl and mesh.

tarpARMOR Mesh is used for autotarper replacements, plus hand and transfer trailer tarps.

Waterproof Container Kits

Constructed of 18 oz. or 22 oz. vinyl, these strategically reinforced roll-over covers are designed for the sludge and liquid waste industry.

Tarp Straps

Tytan tarp straps

Natural Rubber
9", 15", 21", 31", 41" (add approximately 3-1/2 inches for hooks)
(Length shown is for the strap only. Length with hooks is approximately 3-1/2" more, i.e. 15" tarp strap with the hooks attached is approximately 18-1/2" long)

These durable tarp ties hold tarps securely in place and provide constant tension. Reinforced ends give added life. Tarp ties come with S-Hooks attached and are packaged 50 per box.

WARNING: Do not exceed 50% elongation.

WARNING: Rubber rope & tarp ties lose strength with wear and age. They are not designed to hold a load in place. Over-tensioning can cause ties to snap, creating a potential risk of personal injury.

WARNING: Always wear eye protection and personal protective equipment.

To more safely install tarp straps at height use our tarpTAMER Expandable Garbage Gear reaching tool.