Fall Protection

tarpARMOR's Fall Protection System provides superior protection when working at height on vehicles and trailers. The complete system includes the patented Bi-LINE Fall Restraint, safeMOUNTTM Ladder Assist and Expandable Garbage GearTM.

"Workers are safest when their feet are firmly on the ground. The Expandable Garbage Gear tools were designed to make it possible to clean cab shields, tarp loads and perform other jobs from ground level, to reduce the need for operators and maintenance workers to climb onto trucks," explains Shannon Harrop, tarpARMOR Director of Product Management. "But some tasks simply must be performed while on top of the vehicle. For those occasions, our safeMOUNT Ladder Assist and Bi-LINE Fall Restraint enable workers to safely access and work on top of front loaders, side loaders, rear loaders and transfer trailers without the risk of falls."

  • Allows hands-free movement along full length and full width of vehicle
  • Operator cannot fall from top of vehicle or into hopper
  • System consists of two parallel restraint lines permanently mounted to top of vehicle. Dual lanyard connects operator to restraint lines.
  • Operator wears a work positioning belt (not a full body harness)
  • Easy to use and adaptable to a wide variety of vehicles, trailers, tanks and containers
  • Constructed of stainless steel hardware for strength and durability
  • Easily retrofitted to vehicles already in service


safeMOUNTTM Ladder Assist

  • Allows operator to maintain three points of contact through transition from ladder to top of vehicle
  • Reduces the chance of slipping or losing balance when transitioning from ladder to top of vehicle
  • Compatible with all major body manufacturer's fixed ladder designs
  • Easily retrofitted to vehicles already in service
  • Durable powder coat paint finish

Expandable Garbage GearTM, is designed to allow drivers in the waste industry to work more safely by eliminating the need to climb on, reach in or walk under areas that would normally be more hazardous without the use of this device. The tools also have many uses on dump trucks and open top semi trailers.

Fall Protection System Press Release

Fall Protecton System Brochure